Sentient AI scouring the internet for photos of Paddington bear photoshopped into other movies and shows.

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Smart home gift guide
7 mins

2022 gift guide: Smart home tech for everyone on your list

Including the ultimate tech to protect all your smart home devices.
Tech Friend by ExpressVPN
1 min

Introducing Tech Friend, ExpressVPN’s advice column

Have a question about online privacy or everyday technology? Send it to us, and we might answer it in a future article.
Detect Predator spyware
3 mins

What is Predator spyware, and how to check if your device...

It turns phones into surveillance tools, and governments are using it. Here’s how to protect yourself.
Jason Voorhees and Pumpkinhead hiding in doorways
1 min

Flowchart: What should you stream on Halloween?

From horror classics to kid-friendly flicks, find your ideal viewing choice with our flowchart.
Wi-Fi symbol with an eye.
4 mins

Wi-Fi router logging: What it is, the risks, and how to...

Trying to hide your browsing from your family, school, or company? Don’t forget your router logs.
Phone display with a sleep toggle
6 mins

How to turn off always-on displays on iPhone and Android

Apple’s hot new iPhone feature puts everything on your lock screen for everyone to see all the time.
Bank facade in binary
7 mins

What is a digital bank?

And how do they compare with traditional banks? (Apart from the funny names.)
AirDrop icon parachuting with a pair of scissors cutting the strings.
7 mins

Stop getting random AirDrops

Most are pranks but some can be malicious. Here’s what people like to AirDrop to strangers—and how to avoid them.
A book breaking through a ban symbol
5 mins

The fight against book bans

There’s been a rise in book bans in U.S. schools. Here’s how groups are fighting for freedom of access.
Evil twin Wi-Fi
5 mins

What is an evil twin attack?

Connecting to public Wi-Fi? Make sure it’s the right network, not its evil twin.
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4 mins

How to enjoy any World Cup game

5 mins
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