3 mins

How to change your home address on an iPhone

A few ways to make your life easier by letting your phone fill in your address.
Watch Netflix while abroad on holiday
7 mins

How to watch Netflix abroad on holiday

Can you watch Netflix while traveling abroad? The short answer—yes. Here's how.
4 mins

Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender: What to know about the show

Get to know the characters better before the show premieres February 22, 2024.
Tech Friend: Phone has too much ads
5 mins

Tech Friend: Help! My phone is overrun with ads

How to handle an Android phone that’s inundated with sketchy pop-ups.
21 mins

Cybersecurity spending: How much are countries investing in their digital defenses?

Belgium is the nation best prepared for cyber attacks, while the U.S. leads in cybersecurity spending.
Signal vs. Telegram.
11 mins

Signal vs. Telegram: Which messaging app is better?

Both Signal and Telegram are much praised for their privacy and security features, but they have significant differences.
ExpressVPN logo.
2 mins

After a tip, ExpressVPN acts swiftly to protect customers

ExpressVPN’s engineers have quickly deployed a fix to our Version 12 app for Windows, thanks to a tip from...


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